Cooperation with the law firm Budin & Associés

Our team has enjoyed years of happiness within Cabinet Mayor, and we hope that you have appreciated our spirit and professionalism. Some of our partners had to leave lately for reasons of age or health.

We have found an ideal partner with whom to share our days. We have joined as from 1st January 2020 the law firm Budin & Associés. We shall pursue our professional activity in an environment similar to the one we have known in the past.

Our new address is:


Budin & Associés

17, rue De-Candolle

P.O. 166

1211 Geneva 12 / Switzerland

Tel: +41 22 818 08 08.

Fax:+41 22 818 08 18


Our new e-mail addresses will be circulated as soon as possible, but our current addresses will remain operative.

We are happy to pursue our activities in an environment that will certainly correspond to your expectations. Our partnership with a larger law firm will allow us to provide you with a wider range of skills so as to assist you better.